Fabienne Dobler Portfolio

Exploring the artistry of interior design, my portfolio showcases a fusion of creativity and functionality, capturing my journey as a student dedicated to transforming spaces with innovation and aesthetic appeal.

A passion for creating spaces

Dedicated to crafting unique environments, I merge artistry with functionality in every design, transforming spaces into personalized stories of style and comfort.


Experience the incorporation of eco-friendly and sustainable practices, using materials and methods that reduce environmental impact.


Experience integrating nature into interior spaces, promoting well-being by incorporating natural elements.


Experience prioritizing the well-being of occupants that promote mental and physical health.

Colour Psychology

Experience understanding and applying color psychology in design, leveraging hues to evoke specific emotions.

Adaptive Design

Experience designing spaces that cater to individuals with diverse abilities, ensuring inclusivity and accessibility.

3D Rendering and Visualization

Experience utilizing computer software to create realistic 3D visualizations of interior spaces.


I am inspired to design interiors that seamlessly fuse creativity and functionality, crafting spaces that captivate the human experience.

Nature and Environment

Create harmonious, sustainable, and visually pleasing spaces that not only reflect the beauty of the natural world but also contribute to a sense of well-being for the occupants.

Travel and Cultural Experiences

Create spaces that transcend geographical boundaries, allowing occupants to embark on a visual journey through diverse traditions and narratives.

Reach Out & Let’s Create

Whether you’re interested in collaborating, have a query about my work, or just want to say hello!